Kindle Stand Would not Have Helped

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The whole point of a Kindle stand is to let you read with your hands free to do other things. This is a simple idea and it works out great when you’re lying in bed, sitting at the breakfast table, cooking in the kitchen, tinkering in the shop, or otherwise engaged in several activities at once. But we recently read about a guy who should have been nowhere near a Kindle, with or without a Kindle stand.

Turns out the driver of a public transportation bus in Portland set a Kindle on the dashboard to read as he shuttled passengers around the city. Read the article here: Bus Driver Caught Reading Kindle Behind the Wheel.

Get a Kindle Stand; Use it Wisely

A Kindle stand wouldn’t have helped during rush hour traffic, but we’re sure you could come up with several dozen more responsible places to use one. Let us know: in what circumstance would you put a kindle stand to use?

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