Accessorize with a Kindle Stand

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As does any slick, highly-engaging purchase, a Kindle begs you to accessorize it. The two accessories to consider first are a cover, and a Kindle stand. A cover or case protects your Kindle when you pack it in a briefcase, backpack, purse, or carryon, and it may provide protection from damage should you drop your Kindle.

What’s a Kindle Stand?

You might not even miss a Kindle stand until someone suggests you should try one. A Kindle stand holds your Kindle upright on a table or other surface so you can read with your hands free to do other things. Do you read at the breakfast table? Do so comfortably while you hold a drink in one hand, and work a spoon or fork with the other hand.

With a Kindle stand, you can peruse an instruction manual or a cookbook hands-free while you follow the instructions it contains!

What else can you do more easily with a Kindle stand than you can without one? Leave your suggestions in a comment.

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