Kindle Stand Applauds eReader Adoption

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In case you missed the news reported last week at, a recent survey by Harris Interactive found that eight percent of Americans use Kindles or other ebook readers, and of those who don’t, 12 percent plan to buy ereaders within six months. While Kindle Stand finds these numbers compelling, we were even more excited to learn that owning a Kindle increases the number of books you read!

Of course, at this time of year, the push is on by manufacturers to sell more ereaders. Even Amazon has stepped up their game as they’re now selling Kindles at Staples. With impressively low prices, the latest Kindles ereaders have received enthusiastic response, and they continue to set the bar for dedicated book-reading devices.

The Kindle’s tendency to increase book-reading among its users seems like a great trend. It will be interesting to see whether this trend leads to long-term changes in reading habits, or whether other influences—such as streaming video and audio—have a more permanent effect.

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[...] to be equivalent to the risk from reading books or working at a computer. However, the finding that people read more once they acquire Kindles suggests ereaders may increase the incidence of eyestrain among reading [...]

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