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Kindle Stand found this story about the rise of Kindleporn… and we weren’t at all surprised by it. However, it was interesting to read about the emergent marketing strategy companies are using to sell ebooks: give them away.

Internet marketers have proven that you can make a lot of money by giving stuff away. Here’s one common approach:

1. Teach a course or give a short how-to seminar at no cost to the students

2. Offer a free subscription to a service or to further training related to the original course

3. Offer a “premium” subscription to more, better information for a fee

If you can get hundreds or thousands of people to take the free course or seminar and you deliver decent material, at least some of the students are likely to pay for the premium service.

Kindle Books for Free

So, James Ledbetter in Slate tells us that Kindle book titles are reaching the Amazon top-sellers list in part because publishers give away books for free. Apparently, many of these books involve erotica, hence the focus of the article.

We at Kindle Stand believe that the willingness to give away books in all genres will increase. It costs virtually nothing to distribute an ebook, so why wouldn’t you give away some limited number to try to hook an audience? Eventually, savvy shoppers will be able to find thousands of great titles for free.

What do you think? Have you found worthwhile free books to read on your Kindle? Do you scout the list of free titles available from Amazon?

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